“Change is inevitable and Chance is an option”


When it comes to LOVE, CHANGE AND CHANCE are always there.  Both may connotes hope, quarrel, happiness or sadness depending on how the two words were used by the persons involved in a relationship. Change is unavoidable, every one undergoes changes and it’s normal. Chance on the other hand, gives way for a person to change. It may go like this, CHANCE TO CHANGE or CHANGE TO HAVE A CHANCE.

What is a Chance?

In a relationship or in general, Chance is an opportunity given to someone to comply with something he didn’t finish or he failed to do it in some reasons. Another chance or what we call SECOND CHANCE IS GIVEN TO THOSE PERSONS WHO DESERVE IT. It may be for the sake of friendship or for the sake of love.

Chance is an option

Chance, in a relationship is an option. Yes it is, it may come in different ways but still it’s a chance. Option, because it is one way to fix things up. It is one way for a person to know if things will work the second time around. It is an option, because it opens another door to make things right. If there is no chance, eventually any relationships will be ended in just a single mistake.  As they say, Chance is an opportunity given to a person who worth it and who can prove that he/she really deserves it.

Chance to Change

When there is a chance, there is a change. They go both ways.  Chance makes a person changed. When someone gives a chance, he/she is expecting for a change. It’s either Chance to make a change for the better or Chance to make change for the worst. It really depends upon the person who is given a chance how he/she will use it but I hope, we all hope that he/she will use it to make things right.

What is a Change?

Change is a transformation. Every one undergoes this so called CHANGE. It is a human nature. As the old adage says “NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS PERMANENT EXCEPT CHANGE”.  Change comes in two different ways, Change for the Better and Change for the worst. Well, as we all know, it’s up to us how we will change.

Change and Relationship

Change in relationship on the other hand is a different thing. When you are in a relationship, change is never an option but a choice. You changed, to make things work, you changed to give way to another change.

Change and Chance

Change to have a chance. We all make mistakes, we can’t avoid that. We’re not perfect, no one is. Sometimes, we change to have a chance.

When we are in a relationship, we tend to make mistakes and take regrets in the end. And when our friends or partner is giving up on us, we are asking for a chance and promised that we will change. In that way, we are changing to have a chance, to get a chance to prove our love and sincerity. To prove that we are truly regretful for what we’ve done and to be able to fix things up and make things right.

Perhaps, things will change, feelings will eventually disintegrate but nonetheless it’s still part of what we called LOVE. Learn to forgive and give chances and you will be able to find the true meaning of love.


“The very apparatus of one’s feeling resides between a HEART that is willing to ACCEPT and a MIND that is willing to UNDERSTAND”

-Martin Ceazar M. Hermocilla


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